When you enter the building, there is a flow that will get you to the sanctuary. Greeters and Ushers will help you enter and exit the sanctuary in a manner that keeps everyone safe. Please follow their instructions.

1. 9:00 a.m. service: Please park in the back lot and enters/exits through the back doors.

2. 10:45 a.m. service: Please park in the front or side lots and enters/exits through the front doors.

3. Those who are 65+ or are considered high risk, who intend to return for worship, should consider attending the 9:00 a.m.

service. **

4. Water Fountains are dosed, and you are encouraged to bring your own water bottle. Bottled water is available as

needed. No snacks will be provided.

5. Masks*** are highly recommended for your safety, and the safety of others.

6. Please maintain a social spacing of 6 feet.

7. Ushers will assist you with seating. Families can sit together. Our services will be family-friendly, but there will be no

children's church.

8. Hand sanitizer is located throughout the building.

9. During fellowship please maintain social distancing.

*The Church has been thoroughly cleaned and disinfected prior to first service. It will be cleaned and disinfected again

between services.

**The CDC encourages all those who are at risk to exercise extra precautions as they consider their return. The following

people are at greater risk - Elderly (65+), individuals with chronic lung disease, asthma, obesity, chronic high blood pressure,

or immune compromised individuals including those with cancer or in treatment for cancer.

*** CDC recommends this precaution not for your own protection, but for the protection of others.