Official Re-opening Strategy

 Over the past several weeks we have been discussing strategies and processes of how we can re-open student ministry programs. Each step of the process was bathed in prayer and questioned carefully, and I gathered wisdom from outside resources. Thank you all so much for your patience, grace, and questions through this time. It is with much excitement and joy that we are able to officially open up our doors to Student Ministries on May 31st. At this time, we will construct youth group in this way: 


  • Highschool (upcoming 9th-12th grade students) will meet only on Sunday evenings for an indefinite period of time.  
  • Middle school (upcoming 7th-8th grade students) will meet only on Wednesday evenings for an indefinite period of time (starting June 3rd, 2020).
  • We will not serve food and drink for an indefinite period of time
  • We are asking that students refrain from hugging, PDA's, and maintain the social distance of 6ft. 


For the protection of everyone attending, Ovid Community Church strongly recommends that all students wear a facial covering when attending youth group and church events for the safety of others. Stopping the spread of germs begins with you and we ask that this practice be done, not for the protection of yourself, but the protection of everyone else. 


We are so excited to have teenagers back in the building worshipping God, corporately. We encourage students to come hangout, talk, engage in community, yet in a manner that is safe for everyone in attendance. We are thrilled to re-open the doors to Awaken Student Ministries and optimistic that God has something in store that If He told us we wouldn’t even believe it!


Please keep sending your questions we want to make sure each voice and concern is heard. Please reach out to myself, the church staff, the deacons, and the elders. We are here to serve you and your family.

Our youth ministries soul purpose is to bring our students from distant to dedicated lifelong followers of Jesus Christ. This mission cannot be accomplished overnight, and we understand this. Finding true identity in Christ is a lifelong process. We believe this ministry will prepare our students for life and all of it's challenges as followers of Christ. Ovid student ministries covers the 5th grade to graduation. 

Route 56

Route 56 (5th-6th grade) meets Sundays mornings at 10:30AM and Wednesdays from 6-8PM. These students will attend worship in the sanctuary and be dismissed for separate bible study time during the message.


Awaken Student Ministry

Sundays 6-8PM

Worship, Teaching, Refreshments & Fun for the purpose of connecting with the Lord, strengthening faith & experiencing the love, acceptance & faithfulness of God.

Wednesday 6-8PM

Dinner & Devotionals, Outingins, or Special Events for the purpose of Christian discipleship & building relationships with peers & Christian mentors.

Check the church calendar for

retreats and special events!

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