Camping & activites

Types of activities you will experience but not limited to:

Woodland Trails (Ages 5-10 or Grades K-5)

  • Campouts
  • Service Projects
  • Adventure Activities
  • Fishing
  • Hiking

Navigators/Adventures (Ages 11-18 or Grades 6-12)

  • Campouts
  • Service Projects
  • High Adventures
  • Hiking

What is the cost?


We do fundraisers throughout the year. Our biggest on is a rummage sale during the Highway 38 Sale every year in early May. The object of the fundraising is to generate enough money for the boys to be able to pay for:

  •       Uniforms
  •        Activities
  •        Campouts
  •        Other


There 2 annual fees for Trail Life

  •        $29 - Trail Life’s annual registration fee
  •        $75 - Troop IN-0109’s annual troop fee

Annual Troop Fee

  • Awards
  • Technology fee payable to Trail Life USA
  • Handbooks
  • Annual charter fee payable to Trail Life USA
  • Other general troop expenses

Annual Trial Life Registration Fee

This fee is due every year. Members must renew every year.


To pay the registration fee, log into Trail Life Connect. 



We a private Facebook group page where we post pictures of our events, make announcements, and provide necessary information. To find us search “Trail Life USA Troop IN0109 Anderson” request to join. 

This group is only for registered members of the troop. Because we posting pictures of the boys we do not allow outsiders into this private group page. 


The other method of communication is via email. We will send out emails with announcements and information about events on a regular basis. 

Quarterly Parent Meetings

We have quarterly parent meetings to discuss upcoming  events, issues, and fundraising. These are always held during the 2nd meeting of the first month of each quarter. 

  •        January
  •        April
  •        July
  •        October


Woodland Trails



Mt. Lions




2 Classes (A - Uniform Shirt. B - T-Shirt/Sweat Shirt)

 Class A (Public Events and Ceremonies)

  •  Official Uniform Shirt
  • Official Belt
  • Black Pants (Jeans, Slacks) or Official Trail Life Pants
  • Official Hats

Class B (Meetings and Campouts)

  • Official T-Shirt
  • Official Hat
  • Direct Leadership - Green Polo Shirt. (Class B)
  • Core Leadership - Black Shirt (Class B)
  • All Leaders need to purchase a Class A uniform shirt for public and special events
  • Class A Uniform Insignia Guide – Dropbox Doc`